About Us

About Us

Bhatnagar International Summit is a renowned unique Nursery School since 1992 with the goal to have children learn through active experience and participation.

We believe that each child is a unique individual. We value the optimum development of the child and aim to provide highly researched and practically sound learning methodology with an environment designed to stimulate learning and development.

We create a child friendly environment of exploration and reflection as we nourish each child’s progress. Our classrooms are filled with materials that intrigue and stimulate the senses and invoke learning in a dynamic way.

With theme oriented structure that honours children, captures their interest and allows learning to come alive. As children work and learn in this child centred environment, they develop a positive attitude, increase independence, build self-esteem, develop collaborative problem solving skills and discover the excitement of learning.

The values of co-operation, appreciation, responsibility and empathy have always been at the core of our curriculum.

Our Mission

“Inspiring and preparing young minds to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet.”

Our Outlook

Academic Approach

Our school provides a meticulous and solid academic foundation with a holistic approach which helps children become innovative creators, ethical leaders, contributing citizens and lifelong learners.

Our educational model – supported by research and born out of decades of successful experience – is rooted in the academic and social – emotional skill building and traditions that have made our students thrive forever.

School Philosophy

Bhatnagar International Summit aims to create a lively and stimulating learning environment that is exciting today as well as tomorrow.

Why Bhatnagar International Summit?

Bhatnagar International Summit is a warm, child centred community of exuberant educators with an extra-ordinary commitment to both the development of the mind and self of the learners.

Our Students




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